Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tea Times Two

One joyous, special aspect of mine and Sloan's impending marital union is that the month of June holds SIX BIRTHDAYS between both of our families (no, none of them are ours). And five of them are within one week. Oh yeah, with Father's Day and Sloan's parents' anniversary thrown in there for good measure.




I powered through the first gauntlet of June birthdays using the shotgun approach: mailing gifts to just about every Rehder on Bainbridge Island. I did something similar with my brother Richard and his wife Sarah's family in Alabama (three June birthdays).

The MooreRehderBirthdayMarathon culminated on my niece Hannah's birthday, the 23rd, and we celebrated with a tea party! When I first thought of an adorable family tea lunch, I imagined images like these:

Well...when you only have thrift store hats, miniature tea sets, and not enough time to shower after a day in the pool, you get images closer to this:

It was a rather lively affair: we laughed, we cried, and Sloan spilled his tea at least twice. We ate crumpets (?), chicken casserole (??) and took turns making fun of Dad who was doing yard work outside of our window (!!!)

It was the party of the century! Really! I half expected the Village People to show up or perhaps a rambling and incoherent Liza Minnelli (she seems to show up everywhere). Instead of washed up celebrities, however, we just had these little kids to share a spot of tea with:

Hannah, a picture of sophisticated suprise. And Sam, a dapper Newsies backup dancer impersonator.

AND AS IF THAT WEREN'T ENOUGH, I came back to Utah to have another tea party at work!!

Don't mind the sensitive electronic components in the background. We had no other choice to hold our high tea in the production and assembly section of the building.

I'm thinking about holding a house-warming tea party in August which will probably involve plastic red party cups, stale Fig Newtons, and sitting on the floor. WHO'S IN?????


  1. Ahaha the picture of you at your niece's tea party made me laugh out loud in the silent computer lab in which I work. Glorious.

    I want to come to the plastic cup tea party. But only if the tea is spiked with something special. Like dishwasher soap. Or coke. The soda, not the drug.

  2. You. Crack. Me. Up.

    The contrast between your expectations and reality was just too much for me, because I know it was all too true. And Michelle looks like she's about to attack someone.

    There is something about a camera that makes hannah put on her goofiest, can-I-look-any-more-shocked face. Sam should be a caddy.

    Love you and thanks for making hannah's birthday perfect-

  3. Haha, that's hilarious! I'm in for the house-warming tea party, sounds fun! Good luck with the last minute wedding plans, we're so excited for you guys!!

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