Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hi! Oh Heyyyyy!

K. So the SloanMan and I are back from Memphis. I loved it and I already miss the babies/humidity/family/food/general delight of being home.

I'd like to applaud the Rehder men and the gene which, imbedded in them, manifested itself this past week as the driving gene. It enabled 48 hours of driving completed only by Father-in-Law Ed and Husband Sloan while Pam and I lounged/napped/complained about the temperature/read roadsigns aloud for no apparent reason in the back seat. Good job, men!

Also, my ever-so-talented Sarah gave me the photos she took from our Seattle nuptiuals. They look AWESOME. They're all on Facebook, but here's a sampling:

Good work, Sarah, I'm happy that you're the mother of my niece and nephews (partially because you are a fine, upstanding woman...but mostly because of your photography talents).

OH YEAH, ALSO, I got a new job! It may or may not be as a technical writer for Symantec Corporation. Hint: it is. Hooray! Movin on up!


  1. juju congrats! i think it's time for me to move up. soon... im crossing my fingers.

  2. congrats on the promotion! So happy for you. Hope you enjoy the job.

    Jason has a good driving gene too, but from the sounds of it I don't think his is nearly as advanced and prominent as Sloan's though he does WAY better than I do. At least you seemed to be able to stay awake to keep them some company...as soon as Jason starts driving I fall asleep (I tell him it is because I trust him so much).

  3. So what exactly does a "technical writer" do?