Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Brother and his Brotherly Love

My husband. I have one. He’s…multi-faceted. You know this, because I always talk about it (sorry about that). He can jump high, fold clothes, roof, beat every song on expert on the drums on Rock Band, speak that weird version of Spanish. You get the point. He, apparently, is also a virtuoso at MS Paint. I've talked about Paint before. I'm pretty sure Microsoft is running the same version of Paint on today's Vista as it did when I was 6 years old. THROWBACK.

ANYWAY "What does Sloan create in MS Paint?" you may ask, "Because, Julia, you're writing a blog post about it, so this better be going somewhere." Does he create airbrushed portraits? Captivating landscapes? Nay, I tell you, his is more of a...commentary...on...sibling relationships.

Mikyn, Sloan's sister who is younger and prettier than he is (which may be the source of his contempt) looks like this in what we call The World of Normal:

A camera's depiction.

Sloan, utilizing the best of his abilities (the best!!), makes his contribution to The World of Kinda Crazy But Mostly Annoying, featuring Mikyn on the left and himself in their family's living room:

At this point in his Paint career, I don't think Sloan knew about the whole text box thing.


  1. wow the room looks exactly like that!! but, uhm... I think Mikyn had a bit of a... change. and when did sloin have red hair?

  2. Classic Sloan! I'm glad its made its way onto the world wide web.

  3. I think you should have said this stuff when introducing my family to the world. I guess this was back when you liked me