Monday, October 26, 2009

But...Come On

Angie Harmon, I love you. You are so pretty with your dimples and your teeth. And you were so great on Law & Order, throwing those perps in jail as the assistant district attorney who ONLY WANTED JUSTICE TO BE SERVED BECAUSE YOU LOVE THE RED WHITE AND BLUE ORDER IN THE COURT. And you have such a fabulous, throaty voice. Just ask Kirstie Alley, that really counts for something.

So, well, why are you wearing this?

Are you mad at a general viewing public? I get that you're punishing us, but why? It's not our fault that you jumped L&O ship and married an athlete (I KNOW with all of the travel it's hard). Or that you were stuck for three seasons in sensible pant suits that were probably made out of uncomfortable wool or polyester-blends.

Are you hiding a quiver of arrows beneath ye olde tunic?Did you borrow those shoes from the set of ANY Kate Beckinsale movie (which, by the way...I feel like all of her movies take place only during night hours)? Really, I just want answers. You are a rational woman. Come back to us, Angie, come back as a feisty and well-dressed woman. DO IT FOR AMERICA.


  1. Jules. . . I just love you, thanks for always being hilarious

  2. What with all of Sam Waterston's debilitating rationality enveloping here for all those years, she's probably just acting out. Next she will likely get a rose tatooed on her ankle, freak out in a moment of realization, and then come around to settle down with an nice Osmond boy...just give her time. She also may go through the 'be bff's with a rich heiress' stage so be foreworned.

  3. Ahahaha!!! Julia! HILARIOUS!!! I love reading your blog. That is SOOO funny. haha. You crack me up. haha. I agree...

  4. I don't know, I think she may be onto something. Isn't the whole point of fashion to look weirder than the next person?

  5. I am in total agreement. She needs to see the light. Let's help her.