Monday, November 23, 2009

Back. Lash.

I write this blog with the intent of entertaining. I do this for two reasons:
1. We don't really have a camera, so I can't rely on photos to do the work for me.
2. Blogs that are poorly written are typically poorly written because the posts aren't...that...well, entertaining.
Sure, I do things that other people do (and post on their blog) like going to birthday parties and climbing mountains or whatever. But, honestly, it's just not that riveting to give a play-by-play of my latest trip to the grocery store or the terrible woman driver I encountered that day. I can't put any cool spin on that. I mean...I could put a cool spin on it if the lady driver looked like Dick Butkus or something like that. But that's a rather atypical occurrence. ANYWAY Billy Collins had it right when he said something like, "Why write about myself when I could write about someone much more interesting?" And that is why I have a spouse.
My chronicles of Sloan have earned him more attention than he is used to. And I suppose the fame is breaking him, because he's beginning to...act regards to the blog. He doesn't like that lingering idea that I may put whatever he is currently saying/doing out there for those on the interwebs to discover (weird, I know). I, however, feel no need to respect his privacy. This has led to a battle of wills, of sorts, and Sloan has resorted to some dirty antics. His new favorite taunt is "Put THAT on the blog!!" after committing said antics. Allow me to illustrate the instances in which he uses this line:

Knocks a given item out of my hand on purpose and stands over me as I pick it up: "Yeah! Put THAT on the blog!! HAHAHA!"

Stands in front of me while I'm working on my laptop and does a totally weird shuffle/Backstreet Boys/tap dance whilst snapping and soulfully clapping his hands to get my attention. "Yeeeeah, you like that? Put THAT on the blog!!!"

Beats me at any game/competition/argument: "Ha!! I win!! Put THAT on the blog!"

Sits in the bathtub eating a string of five OtterPops while watching old episodes of Arrested Development on his laptop that is placed on the bathroom counter. "Julia. It's called 'indulgence'. Put THAT on the blog." Returns to watching show/eating popsicle/bathing.

All is fair in love and war.

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  1. wait. are you saying.....
    my blog......
    it is boring?

    fair enough. I'm putting THAT on my blog.