Monday, November 16, 2009

I Told You So: A Daily Utterance

On Saturday, Sloan and I found a washer/dryer set on Craigslist. The price was right, so we decided to go to the owner's house to check them out live in living color. OH AND GUESS WHAT: we kinda bickered. And everyone knows that "we kinda bickered" actually means "Julia tried to pick a fight." Participate in the magic:
Julia: (on the way to the car) If we decide to buy them do we need to find a truck to borrow?
Don't think so. I can get them in the Jeep.
What? No way, baby. These are major appliances.
They'll fit.
Glancing into the rear windows of the car. No way. I've never heard of someone hauling a washer or dryer in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
You mean a washer and dryer. Both. At the same time. I'll put the back seats down.
Julia: OH and putting the seats down will open up some sort of vacuous portal through which we can fit an infinite number of washers and dryers? We just need a truck.
Get in. We don't need a truck.
Julia: Even if they DID both fit, it'd be a matter of inches. Your spatial reasoning cannot be that good.
Sloan: We'll see. Get in. the seller's home
They look good. We'll take them.
Dude Selling the Washer/Dryer:
Cool. When do you want to come back to haul them?
Sloan: We can take them now in my Jeep.
Your...Jeep? Will they fit?
Ten minutes later, after hauling them down a flight of stairs and out to the Jeep, and turning the washer/dryer in all sorts of directions:
Sloan: (huffing and puffing) There.
Julia: (jaw dropped) Wow. They...really fit.
DSTW/D: (jaw dropped) Wow. They...really fit.
Sloan: (already in the car) Let's go! It's cold!


  1. lesson learned. never question sloan. haha..

  2. I tried that once (this is Jason) and ended up making two trips with a borrowed truck... ok it was just a blazer, not ever a jeep-but I had to make two trips.

  3. I'm going to call you when I decide to move. bring your husband.

  4. Men are just right. In marriage its more of a curse than a blessing, really.