Monday, November 9, 2009

Newlyweds: Act II: The Battle of the Bulge

Julia: Baby!! I'm gaining weight!!!!!
Sloan: Good.
Julia: Good? Bad!
Sloan: Bad?
Julia: Bad!! I think I'm gaining it in my belly. Can you tell? (turns sideways)
Sloan: Uh, no. I cannot tell.
Julia: Of COURSE you can't tell. I don't think you'd notice or care if I gained twenty pounds overnight!!!
Sloan: Oh, come on, that's not true. I would probably notice. But, well yeah, I wouldn't care.
Julia: Arg!!
Sloan: Why do you even care? I'd like it if you were thick and juicy.
Julia: What? Have you been watching BET?
Sloan: (walks away)


  1. indeed we watched bet on saturday

  2. "thick and juicy"..really?..that is is pretty much the funniest thing i have heard in a while.

  3. You sure are trying your hardest to trick him into saying something awful, aren't you? I think he's too clever for you. give it up.

    battle of the bulge? seriously? nice. I needed a laugh.

  4. sloan is so funny and he doesnt even know it.