Monday, November 16, 2009

Newlyweds: Part 3: Host & Hostess

Sloan and I sitting in church. I'm writing in my notebook. Sloan leans over and whispers:
Sloan: What are you wri -- oh no.
Julia: What? I'm just planning our CHRISTMAS PARTY!!
Sloan: Is that a menu or just a list of everything they sell at the grocery store?
Julia: Funny.
Sloan: That's a hefty guest list. We can only fit, like, six people in our apartment at once.
Julia: Officially ignoring you.
Sloan: Why do I see the words 'pajama' and 'party'??
Julia: La la la la what? I'm sorry, are you talking?
Sloan: You know that no one over eleven owns christmas pajamas.
Julia: That's a lie!! You're a liar!!
Sloan: Okay, okay. Calm. Listen, I'm okay with us having a Christmas party...but we have to include a few things...
Julia: Like?
Sloan: Apple cider.
Julia: Done.
Sloan: And a hayride.
Julia: Oh dear.
Sloan: And last but not least, an appearance by the Ninja Turtles.
Julia: (closes notebook)

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