Monday, December 28, 2009


Julia: Ooooh, I love babies! Let's have one!!
Sloan: No, honey. No babies yet.
Julia: Okay. (pause) How about NOW?
Sloan: Stop it with the baby talk.
Julia: But I just liiiiiike babies. They're so fun and nice.
Sloan: They aren't always like that.
Julia: It sounds like you hate babies.
Sloan: I don't hate babies. You're just not ready for one.
Julia: What?? I was born for babies!
Sloan: Anyone who watches Jersey Shore voluntarily is not ready for a baby, Julia.
Julia: Come on, I'm not with the guidos, I'm against them!
Sloan: If you stop watching MTV reality shows, we'll talk about babies.
Julia: (silence...also known as the sound of inner turmoil)


  1. what's a guido?

    What's this? MTV has reality shows? isn't MTV for music? or am I so 90's?

  2. *says in a fan very mysteriously: Stop watch MTV reality shows and they will come!!!!!