Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas on Bainbridge

Merry Christmas from the (NOT RAINING) Puget Sound! Here are some highlights of our trip so far (the photos enlarge, mom and dad, just click on them):

I got my hands on all three Rehder baby girls: Vance's Noa, Regen's Kenley, and Darth and Missy's Lily (who came JUST IN TIME for us to hold her and hold her and hold her).

Gingerbread Houses

Sloan's is on the left. He attempted to build the tallest structure, but Darth took on that challenge and emerged victorious. Mine is on the right; it's a tribute to Ed, the manliest father-in-law a girl could have.


We made lots of baked goods and ate lots of seafood. So...the picture of Pam on the right might be from a baby shower weeks ago but BIG DEAL RIGHT? I needed a third picture to please the alignment gods of Blogger's interface.

Kenley's Weird Smiling Technique for Photos

Why is Kenley squeezing her eyes shut and stretching her lips to dangerously wide lengths? It's because you just told her to smile for a picture! Duh.


  1. way cute. it looks like you guys had a great Christmas and Julia got her baby fill! We really missed you guys the last two weeks at church:( Can't wait to see you. Happy Hollidays.

  2. Not only did you use an old picture of mom, I think you snagged the first picture of Kenley from our blog and its like a year old. Other than that, Kenley enjoyed looking at picture of her.