Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Even Christians Can Believe in Karma!

WARNING: I don't anticipate anyone else caring about this post but myself (Julia).
I wrote a post a few weeks ago. About two previous coworkers I consider to be some of the...well...worst people I know. I almost took the post down, because I figured it wasn't that entertaining to my readership since only a few people who read this blog are as well-versed in the villainy of those girls as I am. Also, I figured it didn't really change anything about those people, even if they DID happen to read my blog.
In my life, I've been apprehensive to talk crap about other people, because, honestly, speaking ill of someone usually isn't that justifiable. I mean, just wait it out for a day, and typically, you're pretty happy you kept your mouth shut. I also hate not being liked. I HATE IT. However, I have a hatred more powerful than those two things: small-time girls thinking they can do whatever they want to nice people. So...big whoop, I posted a blog entry and never heard anything else about it. I figured it had fallen on deaf ears, and I forgot about it.
That's why I was delighted to hear today (through the grapevine) that my previous post has actually shaken those two offenders to their core. So much so, that new policies have been implemented by dad/management regarding the freedom of speech in their work environment. This means they cared about what I wrote. Sure, they did not like it, but they CARED enough to pull that post up for upper management to see.
The point of this update is primarily for me to tell you, cyber world, that you CAN make a difference! Are you a rational and sensitive person with serious beef? But you can't maturely express yourself through the proper channels because said beef is with the daughter of the CEO who is notorious for firing employees who talk to HR about his daughter? Then, by diggity, go for the jugular. On the internet. Without naming names. Because, if they are truly flappable, even THAT will get to them, conveniently for you.
It may take losing a fewbattles to win the war, but quite honestly, at the end of it all, it is worth it.
Thank you and good night.

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