Thursday, December 31, 2009

You. Aren't. Listening.

The Scene: I'm in the bedroom, doing work on my computer. Sloan stands in the doorway.
Sloan: I'm going to Costco.
Julia: not looking up Okay.
Sloan: To buy butter.
Julia: Uh huh.
Sloan: And then I'm going to Sportsman's Warehouse.
Julia: Okay.
Sloan: For a gun cleaning kit and ammo for my old pistol.
Julia: Uh huh.
Sloan: Even though you hate guns and are morally opposed too them.
Julia: Okay.
Sloan: Then I'm going to go to GameStop to buy more violent video games.
Julia: Yep.
Sloan: I'm wearing basketball shorts. And a beanie. And wool boy scout socks. With sandals.
Julia: K, baby.
Sloan: And I'm going to leave the front door wide open.
Julia: Alright. Love you.
Sloan: Love you.
Sloan leaves. Five minutes later.
Julia: Wait...what?


  1. I CAN NOT get the image of the over-tall Sloan with basketball shorts, beanie, wool socks and sandals out of my head. gasp What a man.

    Please tell Sloan that "BAM! Put THAT on the Blog!" is now a regular happening in our house. thanks.