Monday, January 18, 2010


What's UP, dummies! [said in a Liz Lemon voice]
Sloan and I went down to scenic Moab (next to Arches National Park) for a little trip with the Clarks (Paul and Jen). I'll begin by taking a few questions from the audience about our winter trip to Moab:
  • Was it cold? Yes. Freezing. And snowy.
  • But isn't Moab in the desert? Yes. I don't even know what the meaning of that word 'desert' is anymore if it doesn't mean 'always hot.' It's a dead word to me. DEAD.
  • Were you personally confused/enraged to discover it wasn't hot when you got there? Yes.
  • Did no one check the weather and tell you that Moab was going to be cold? Yes, everyone did. But I still refused to actually believe it until I felt the wretched sting of winter on my own skin. And...after we got there, I believed it. Because I felt the wretched sting of winter on my own skin.
  • Did you whine a lot, because you're kind of a whiner when it is cold. WELL IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU ANSWERED YOUR OWN QUESTION.
  • Was hiking on the slickrock kind of sketchy since it was covered in ice? Yes.
  • Where you really freaked out because you thought you were going to fall off of any of the numerous icy precipices that you traversed, but you tried to act cool and nonchalant about it so Paul and Jen would think you were hardcore? OMG IT'S LIKE YOU WERE THERE!
  • Did everyone manage to only fall about 2 times during the whole trip, but you still fell like every five minutes? Even on the easy hikes? Ah, I see what you're doing now. You're mocking me. Let's just move on. Here are some fotoz Paul took:


  1. Just tell everyone you PLANNED to go then because you wanted a nice, snowy pic in Moab for next year's Christmas card

  2. I don't think you understand the extent of my jealousy. That looks to be one of the coolest places! But you forgot a question. Was Slone manly the entire time there? Yes, he always is.

  3. Lucky.

    (said in your best Napolean Dynamite voice)

  4. Yeah, we were going to do a day trip up to Park City, but after looking at the weather forecast decided it would be better to stay home and nap all day. You're brave, or stubborn, for still going on yours.

  5. A 'desert' is a place that receives very little to no precipitation. Therefore, Antartica is the world's largest desert. (I just learned that today in my boredom searching of the internet)

  6. your pictures are still awe-some! :)

  7. you are so funny. too bad it was so stinkin cold. i did try to warn you.

  8. I went to Moab once in the fall. And FROZE.