Friday, January 22, 2010

Duty. Dooty.

On the way home from visiting Laura and Jason in Cedar City. I just don't really get it. Don't get me wrong, poop isn't cool, but people FREAK OUT about it. I mean, it's like...morally reprehensible to not wash your hands after going to the bathroom.
Sloan: What are you talking about? Human poop is disgusting and disease-ridden.
Julia: Oh it is NOT that bad. People don't get crazy bacterial infections if they go near poop. I'm just so sick of germophobes. Deal with the poop!
Sloan: Human feces are nasty. Nastier than most animal poop. We eat so many unnatural things that we've turned our poo into this mega-concentrated pile of...nasty. Think about cows. They just eat grass. Their poop is way cleaner.
Julia: Does that mean you'd rather digest a liter of cow dung than a tablespoon of human dung?
Sloan: Definitely.
Julia: WHAT NO WAY. Listen, Mr. Science, you are NOT winning this argument. We're hitting up Wiki when we get home. Winner gets $20.
Sloan: You're on.


  1. Finally, someone gets it. Poop isn't nasty, it's awesome. It's like playdough, but with a far broader variety of textures and aromas.

    Cow poop is great, too.

  2. oh man. Ok I agree with sloan, Id rather eat cow dung....than human. Nevertheless...GROSS. I agree...get over it germaphobes, but still wash your hands please! It's not like im not gonna wash my hands if I got poo on them ( I refer to baby poo of course cause that's the most likely possibility in my life, which baby poo isn't as gross. But compared to other things in life...poo is probably the grosest. I guess your next post could be "Groser things than poo". :)