Monday, January 25, 2010


I had a gchat with an old friend today. She's an engineer on the east coast and very, very cute.
Old Friend: Julia, you work for a software company, so you work with a lot of guys don't you?
Yeah, I guess that's fair to say.
OF: How do you deal with being a woman there?
Eh...well, I get my own bathroom. That helps. What do you mean?
OF: How do you deal with your coworkers hitting on you?
Julia: Oy. They, um, don't hit on me.
OF: Come on. Seriously? Maybe it's your wedding ring.
Julia: Well, I don't usually wear mine; it's too bulky.
OF: Or maybe they're just intimidated since they're a bunch of nerdy programmers.
Or maybe they just don't want to hit on me. I'm flattered, but I'm pretty sure you're giving me too much credit.
OF: Well, I'm stressed. It happens every freaking day, and not just the same one person. It feels like everyone. Everywhere I go, even the grocery store. I feel like I'm being cat-called by the general public, so I'm in a constant state of discomfort.
Julia: Well, I don't know how to help. Maybe pretend like you don't speak English?
OF: And I can't handle the confrontation. Do you just ignore them? Sometimes that makes them angrier.
I don't know! I don't have that problem! Even if were scorching hot and wore hot pants year-round, I live in Orem, Utah. Orem! Utah! Not downtown Miami.
OF: So?
Julia: Arg.
What an interesting perspective, to convince others that He's Just Not Into Me. I mean, aside from the occasional homeless man, I remain pretty much unapproached. So while I can't quite empathize, the few times that I am hit on, I also feel dreadfully awkward and self-conscious. Who else has this problem more frequently? Does it really make an impact on your life? How do you deal (politely)?


  1. The only time I was ever hit on a simple "I'm not gay" did the trick.

    Can't offer more help than that, I'm afraid.

  2. Random? people? hitting? on? me?


    all the sudden I feel old. and unattractive. and like crying. wah.

  3. Hasn't happened since I was a missionary. Then we got it all the time (except with the old lady comps). Even to the point that ambulances would sound their siren when they passed on the street. Then we just ignored it...If it happened now...I would...uhm....

  4. It hasn't happened to me since I got married. haha. I guess once you got married, you developed that "You can't get none of this!" look on your face that's when it stopped. And girl, I think it's just geographics girl. If you were here, you would TOTALLY get hit on all the time. It's just Orem...well, Utah in general really. Oh what I would give sometimes for that trade in...Memphis for Orem Utah! haha. Miss you girl!