Thursday, January 21, 2010


The Scene: In the car with Paul and Jen on the way to Moab.
Julia: "...and did you know that a kangaroo can't jump unless it's tail is touching the ground?"
Sloan: "Whatever. That's not true."
Julia: "Um, it IS true. I read it."
Sloan: "Haven't you ever seen a kangaroo run? Their tails point out, they aren't touching the ground!"
Julia: "I'm not talking about RUNNING, I'm talking about JUMPING. Stop trying to embarrass me in front of Paul and Jen!"
Sloan: "Their running IS jumping! They bound around!!"
Julia: "I can't say anything around you!! Let me just tell people fun animal facts for once!!"
Sloan: "You need to watch a kangaroo before you just assume you know how they work!!!"


  1. GRAAAA!!!! Kangaroos DON'T have to have their tail touching the ground to jump!!! Someone has lied to a lot of people and it's driving me crazy!! listen to your husband. He is right!

    Because the VERY FIRST person I thought of when I read this Kangaroo dialogue was Michelle. and she beat me here. Do not argue with the animal fact lady, it's tail-free jumping for them 'roos.

    But Sloan totally and completely should have let you said whatever you want about those darn marsupials without correcting you in front of other people. the nerve. gah.

  3. You're confusing kangaroos and tiggers. It's a common mistake.

  4. Just think about having to live with 3 Rehder boys at one time.