Sunday, January 10, 2010

Love/Hate with In-N-Out

The scene: The drive through at In-N-Out Burger in Orem.
Drive Through Guy: Hey there! Thanks for coming to In-N-Out! What can I getcha?
Sloan: Uh, I'll have a double-double animal-style, a burger protein-style, a large chocolate shake, and a fry animal-style.
DTG: Alrighty, guys!Pull up to the first window!
Sloan rolls up his window.
Julia: I feel like we just made the most presumptuous order ever at In-N-Out. We used every trick in the book, like a couple of California chumps. My soul is dying.
Sloan: Whatever, I feel awesome. I'll bet this dude is gonna high five me when we get to the window.


  1. Okay...I hate In N Out. My husband is from LA and other than their groovy t shirts that he receives EVERY Christmas and Bday, I think their "hipness" is a load of crap. Their burgers taste like every other processed beef patty made up of 200+cows per one. Seriously....tell it really a more delicious burger, or just a way to feel "cool" about actually eating fast food?

  2. bahaha.. beat this: #1 animal style, fries well done, coke with easy ice, and napolitan shake. seriously, this is our order every single time.

  3. Bahahaha Katie, it's like McDonald's. But cheaper. And eating there instantly makes you down with it and everyone else a LOSER.

    Sasha, I forgot about EASY ICE. So hip!

  4. What is "animal style" I mean...sorry, but seriously, it brings to mind a very naughty um....shall we say "married" position?
    I mean...come on? Fries well done? What does that mean?

  5. Wait, I don't know protein-style...let me in on that one...Come on Julia, I so want to be hip too. Is there some website where we could all go and learn to fit in?? I need this acceptance and approval in my life!