Friday, January 8, 2010

Not Everything About Me Can Be Sexy

Heeeey, friends. News Flash: I walk funny. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. My feet stick out like a duck. I broke my ankle playing competitive volleyball in high school. Dad didn’t believe that it wasn’t broken = I didn’t go to the doctor. Healed a little crooked. So my left foot sticks out even more (think, like…75 degrees). Plus, it doesn’t help that I have big feet for my size, making me look even more clownish. And, because I walk with my feet out, people always ask if I’m a dancer (apparently ballerinas walk like ducks, too). This renews my shame every time since I have to answer that no, my stupid walk isn’t due to my pursuit of any fine art.

In Washington, we went with the family to a sand spit, which took a small hike to get to. On the way back up the trail, I was in front. My sister-in-law, Mikyn, started laughing from behind.

Julia: turning around What?

Mikyn: giggle Huh? Nothing.

Julia: What? Do I have something on my butt?

Sloan: She’s laughing because you walk like a total freak.

Julia: Oh come on! It’s uphill! I’m tired!

Sloan: You’re sticking your feet out almost completely sideways. And you’re swinging your whole body with each step.

Julia: My legs are short! I have to use my body’s momentum to take big steps!

Sloan: I’ve seen plenty of short people walk uphill. They don’t look like Quasimodo.

A few days later, back in Utah (where everyone is a dancer), I was approached in the grocery store by a girl my age.

Girl My Age: Do you dance?

Julia: annoyed Well…yes. Yes, I do.

GMA: What do you do? Pointe?

Julia: No. Exotic.

GMA: Oh…cool….

She walked away embarrassed, I walked away triumphant (even if duckish).

OKAY, that’s not how it really went. It was more like this:

Girl My Age: Do you dance?

Julia: annoyed Yes. Yes, I do....Okay, no. I just walk like a duck.


Me - 0
Stupid Duck Walk - 1


  1. I love you stupid duck walk. I even, at one point in my fabulous life, tried to integrate the stupid duck walk, but it went more like awakward orangutan trying to walk like a stupid duck. So I quit.

    Hannah has the hip-swaying waddle. I love it. Sometimes I jsut watch her cute little meanders.

  2. Juju,
    You have always walked like a duck. But the cool thing is, you totally pull it off! I've noticed that I too walk like a duck(and so does dad), though apparently I'm not cool enough for people to ask if I am a dancer. oh well, I guess we are all domed to walk the freakishly duck-ish walk.

    oh and Quasimod couldn't walk like that even if he tried!

  3. Hi!!! I don't know where I've been but I definitely need to be following your blog. I miss you guys!

    And this isn't a positive thought, but wait till you're pregnant, it will be even worse!

  4. Ditto to Ryanne's comment. Also, your feet are not that freakishly large. Have you seen mine?