Sunday, January 24, 2010


I realize that most people do these sort of posts about children. Here are some gems as of late (and by late, I mean, they all happened yesterday because that's as far back as I can remember).

After attempting to make up Shakespeare quotes for like 10 minutes by using sweeping gestures and a bad British accent:
Sloan: Watch out, guys! I'm the next generation's William Shakespeare! Just call me Willie Shakedown, baby! continues to sing/quote/do a jig

After exiting Tai Pan Trading (a home furnishings store).
Sloan: Finally! We spent forever in T-Pain! Let's bounce.

After making any number of jokes that I try not to laugh at (so as not to encourage him), and instead stare coldly at him:
Sloan: while throwing his head back Yaka yaka yaka yaka! Yaka! Yaka!!!
Julia: shouting from the other room STOP SAYING YAKA!!
Two minutes later, I get a text:
Sloan (1:44 a.m.): yaka.

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