Thursday, January 28, 2010

While Listening to NPR

Sloan: What was the margin from this past presidential election?
Julia: I'm not sure. It was relatively steep. Several percent.
Sloan: That's what I thought. But nothing like Nixon.
Julia: Well, it couldn't have been that far off.
Sloan: Baby, Nixon won almost every state in his second election.
Julia: Right. Almost EVERY one? I don't think so.
Sloan: Why don't you ever believe me???
Julia: Sloan, presidential elections are relatively close races. Nobody gets totally shut down by nearly every state!
Sloan: What are you talking about? You're just saying things!
Julia: Fine. We'll wiki it. But the nation has never gone that far left.
Sloan: He was a Republican!!


  1. Uhhhh, I wiki-ed it and my head exploded. They had equations. equations. But Nixon slammed Obama into that left wall.
    Nixon margin: 0.933
    Obama margin: 0.357

    Why did I even look that up? seriously. I'm going to bed.

  2. You guys! More lovemaking less fighting! All your posts are arguments now. Is the honeymoon over already?