Monday, February 8, 2010


I visited Alabama and Tennessee this weekend and it was lovely. LOVELY I tell ya! I got to dance and hold babies and get rained on. More to come.
But I MUST say, when Sarah (sister in law) told me that Sam (4 year old nephew) was adorably clueless, I didn't understand the extent to which this was true.
The Scene: In the minivan driving to Knoxville with Richard (brother), Sarah, Hannah (tall niece), Sam, and Joshie (fat and jovial baby nephew). I'm in middle with the baby and the kids are in the very back.
Sarah: (from the front seat) Sam, are you done with your Lunchable?
Sam: (from the very back) Yeah. I'm full, but I didn't eat it all.
Sarah: Okay. Give me your trash.
Sam: (stares blankly, looks around)
Sarah: You're holding it in your right hand.
Sam: (looks at left hand)
Sarah: Other hand!
Sam: (finally sees it) But I didn't eat it all.
Sarah: I know. Do you want to save it for later? You can only save the crackers for later.
Sam: (furrowed brow) I only didn't eat the cheese.
Sarah: Okay, then give it to me.
Sam: (blank stare) But I didn't eat it.
Sarah: But you aren't going to eat the cheese and it will go bad before you WANT to eat it, so give me your trash!
Sam: (perplexed, pulls the cheese out of the empty Lunchable and passes it forward)
Sarah: All of it! Give me all of it!
Sam: (confused, looks around for the Lunchable)
Sam: (looks at empty left hand)
Julia: (reaches back and takes it from his hand and passes it forward) I guess I should have just done that like ten minutes ago.
Sam:Heeeeeeeeey! I didn't eat it all! But I'm full!


  1. AAAAA HA HA HA !!!!

    I was THERE and it still is so funny!!!! Where did that kid come from?!?!?

  2. haha the same place his daddy came from

  3. You always make me laugh so hard...I love all of your posts!!

  4. "adorably clueless" that is a perfect description!