Thursday, February 25, 2010

Band: My Testimony

Last night I had a dream that I was in marching band and my current relief society president (Hey, Emily! Hi!) played the alto sax. She had this sweet solo in the middle of I'll Make Love to You and played it so soulfully that everyone stopped playing football to listen.

I'm sure I had that dream because just last night, Sloan was mocking me for having been in band in high school (this, he will deny to himself upon reading). Even as self conscious as I/everyone was in high school, band wasn't incredibly embarrassing at Houston High like it is in the movies. I was lucky to live in a place where it wasn't an automatic loser stamp to the forehead to be in band, it only moderately worked against your social standing. And if I didn't actually live in a place where that was the case, I was lucky enough not to realize it. My high school experience was a fabulous one, and honestly, I owe that mostly to band. Thanks, band! *high five*

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