Sunday, February 21, 2010


Sloan and I went pet store-surfing yesterday to look at/play with the adoption puppies. I must say, I'm hard pressed to name anything more heart warming than a good puppy cuddle.
Along with the puppies, we looked at other cuddlies and slimies at the stores. After careful study and observation, the following universal truths were determined:
1. Tarantulas are evil. Evil and creepy.
2. Guinea pigs are overrated.
3. Puppies!!!!!!
4. A parrot costs as much as our monthly rent.
5. Chinchillas are the new black.
Chinchillas have spiked in popularity recently. It makes sense, because they are not only ADORABLE, but a quick internet search shows that they have rather varied and rewarding social talents.

Chinchillas are known for their propriety and decorum. High society is the nucleus around which chinchilla social norms revolve.

Outdoor activities are a big part of the chinchilla lifestyle. Mountaineering (seen here) is seen as the premier chinchilla sport.

Birthdays are special events in a chinchilla's life, not unlike humans. They typically throw their over-the-hill parties around age 9.

Musicians are especially revered in the chinchilla world due to their rarity. Hardly any can actually play instruments due to their lack of opposable thumbs.

Celebrating cultural heritage, though fading as the current generation globally assimilates, is still an important chinchilla tradition.

I would love to some day have one of these intriguing and mind-meltingly adorable creatures as my pet! They seem to have so much to teach me.


  1. Brian had a chinchilla once that a (somewhat crazy) girlfriend got him. It was so cute. and soft. But still just another rodent. And you couldn't get it wet, ever ever ever, or it would never be soft and fuzzy again, so it took dust baths. right. It played in the bathtub with special grey chinchilla dust.

  2. Aren't they supposed to make pretty nice coats too? J/K

  3. you must love it or it will go wild on you Juju.

  4. taste a lot like chicken too