Saturday, February 13, 2010


Ever since I got home from Alabama, I've been sick. Dunno what it is, but it sucks. Sloan has faithfully been playing nurse; even giving me warm milk during my coughing fits that wake him up every hour. And he's been more than willing to join me in my rigorous napping schedule since I can't sleep through the night. Selfless.
He's a fine man, that Sloan Rehder. And since I've been ill, I've logged even MORE tender hours with my sweetheart. Would you like to hear more?

The Scene: In the car.
Sloan: says something totally freaky
Julia: What?! You're insane! LISTEN TO YOURSELF!
Sloan: Oh, I am listening. And I'm LIKING what I'm hearing! Because this is real life!
Julia: in a stunned silence
Sloan: That's right babaaay! Real life! Woo! I feel ALIVE!

The Scene: At our favorite Indian restaurant, waiting for a table.
Sloan: whispers That guy over there is watching you.
Julia: Where? Behind me?
Sloan: Yeah. Don't look right now. I'll tell you when.
Julia: Okay...
Sloan: K! Hurry! Look!
Julia: clandestinely turns my head to see no one there but a MONKEY painted on the wall which appears to be looking at me
He's fun, ain't he?? Welp, here are some pictures.
Sloan trying to make the most unsettling face he can after ruining four previous photos with various other faces.
Sloan's strategic pillow placement at the beginning of our ill-fated photo shoot.



  1. i read this out loud to lehi.
    my rib cage hurts from laughing.

  2. haha you guys are hilaroius. . . Jules. . . Sloan is kinda weird, I read your posts and it cracks me up because he seems so normal around other people! :) haha, good catch my friend