Sunday, February 21, 2010

Damage Control

My man was merciful and allowed me to purchase a new hutch to replace ye olde unceremoniously divided bookcase.I find my style being too country-bumpkin, but I'm not creative/wealthy enough to even imitate the amazing style of anthro/urban/west end designers. How does one acquire that?


  1. If wanting to go "indie", post it a great bold color like bright blue, deep red or mustard yellow, replace hardware, remove bottom "country" trim piece? Hang funky plates/platters on the walls around the cupboard.
    It is cute the way it is now also Julia.

  2. Katie, you are wise. I was planning on replacing the hardware with some anthro ones i found. i WOULD paint it, but Sloan has basically placed a ban on all major work since the bookcase incident. I also want to drop that trim piece, which I think he won't notice, but I'll have to fins a time to do it when he's not home, hahahaha.