Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is Julia Here?

If my doorbell would to ring today, I'd want to open the door to...
Kenneth from 30 Rock to be my life coach.
A Shar Pei puppeh to sit, aloof and wrinkly, at my feet.
Anthropologie's jewelry and rug collections for me to wear/put in my house/caress/cuddle with and tell all of my dreams to.

Tony Hoagland (and the friends he puts in his poems) to drink wine and tell me how dry of a state Utah is.
Mt. Timpanogos to help me identify northeast.
Guy Davis to ask for a drink of water and let me use his handkerchief.
Ranunculus to wilt too quickly to be worth a ***.
The Swedish Chef to shake and flop and not have any eyes.

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