Sunday, February 28, 2010

Muumuu: A Love Story

Thanks be to Wikipedia for the spelling, background, and pop cultural reference list.
Muumuu, I know you...intimately. Of Hawaiian descent, I know you are ancient. I know you are embraced by the pregnant and the obese because you "do not restrict the waist." I know that you are regularly sold in thrift stores and Family Dollar. I know you are my go-to while I vacuum, do the laundry, and eat salt and vinegar chips while watching Teen Mom. I know that with you, I will feel a draft.
I know that you have formed belligerent relationship with my husband BUT HE WILL NOT COME BETWEEN US, MUUMUU. Because you are my rock. You take me as I am, whether 115 lbs or 150 lbs. You, muumuu, take me as I am. And for this, I love you.


  1. Oh good heavens. Now I really need to see a photo of you in said muumuu

  2. do you really have and wear a MuuMuu?? I wore one two years ago for halloween, and still have it. I should get a cool one for the next time I'm preggie and wear it all the time.
    ps. the pic cracks me up. two skinny cute girls wearing MuuMuu's just doesn't look right.