Thursday, February 18, 2010


These are some of the people Sloan and I hang out with. They're alright.

Kira, my little enchilada. Jeff, lord of the giggles.

Robert and Brady. Megan, too, but she eats healthy.

Tom. The lonely genius.

Joe, or Squints. Emily, here, is somber like her brother (see above).

Kara, the exception to that rule that all Texans are soul-crushingly obnoxious.

Paul and Jen, the couple that looks a decade younger than they really are.

Kelsy, part human, part chair-bot.

Russell, resident shock jock, and Holly, my girl-crush.


  1. Hey! Reggie is from Texas and he's definitely the exception too:)

  2. um...what do you mean.."But SHE eats healthy"?? ps. I DON'T, but I try sometimes. and my favorite is ICE CREAM.

  3. so happy to make the list. and thanks for not finding me obnoxious. also, i miss you. can we play ever?