Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baby, I Know Because I'm in a Music Class

We went to the BYU Philharmonic concert last night. It was really, really lovely. Sloan is currently taking Music 101 and pretends to be the expert on the subject. It's usually funny, but sometimes it drives me bananas. Like when he blasts classical music whilst closing his eyes, pursing his lips, and pretending to pensively direct the music until I yell at him to stop. Then, we both know: He. Has. Won.
Anyway, back to the concert:
Sloan: There sure are a lot of strings in this band.
Julia: Well...yeah, it's an orchestra. Strings are a big part.
Sloan: annoyed But, it's the philharmonic.
Julia: annoyed Uh, yeah. A philharmonic is a type of orchestra.
Sloan: slightly panicky, because he's bluffing Yeah, but, it's a philharmonic, which directly translates to..."easy on the strings."


  1. So funny:) I remember when Reggie took that class and we went to all the events. Good times.