Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sloan wants a puppy terribly bad. Terribly. And, well so do I, because honestly anything that will cuddle with me is a thing I need in my life. Our apartment doesn't allow pets, so we frequent the humane society. And we stay for hours, since there is certainly no shortage of sad, lonely dogs to play with/poop on us. While we're there, we even play with the evil cats (but Sloan holds them because I'm not good at that). And the BUNNAYS! We play with those. But bunnies are skittish when held, and I get scared when they start to flail, so Sloan makes me sit on a bench near the cages while he picks them up and places them in my lap. Kind of like when a 3 year old wants to "hold" a baby, but really everyone knows they aren't really holding the baby and are actually pretty terrible at sufficiently cradling children. That's how everyone at the humane society feels about me holding bunnies. I'm just the dumb older sibling who smiles like it's some HUGE accomplishment that I have a delicate creature in my lap, with my hands gingerly places on it's sides....but it still might drop at any moment. So I remain under adult supervision.
SO WHERE WAS I? Oh yeah, doggies. Sloan and I want to get one, but have discovered that we slightly different doggie tastes. And, of course, they play out according to our societal gender roles.
I like chow-chows (but really, who doesn't? the only people who DON'T LIKE CHOWS are the prince of darkness and Rush Limbaugh):
Sloan likes pit bulls:

[I like] poodles:

[He likes] boxers:



See the issue? It's okay, though, I'm easier to please than he is. Pit bulls/other muscley death dogs are actually pretty lovey, which Sloan has demonstrated with the dogs at the pound. I'm figuring out that when it comes to dogs, "strange/freakish" is what makes them even cuter to me. How else do I explain why I think mastiffs and corgis are simultaneously adorable?


  1. This is my favorite post!

  2. I just got a tear in my eye for Dude (you may have heard him referred to as "Rocky") and Babe. The best dogs ever (although Sammy is still pretty good).

    P.S. I heard chows are mean.

  3. Yeah, Sloan always talks about Rocky, especially when we go see the dogs. I heard chows are mean too.

  4. Sheesh, Sloan likes him some ugly dogs.

    The image of you holding a bunny......

    (and I hate pit bulls. h.a.t.e.)

  5. Corgis are my number 1, and they are the cutest puppies ever! I'm sure there's a compromise somewhere between tough and cute, right?

  6. Dude aka Scooby Poo as my kids like to call him is such an amazing dog! Can't you get another like Dude??

  7. Get a Border Colly. They are very athletic dogs and they are pretty cute.

  8. I want a collie, but Sloan made a good point...they're too smart, so they'll be incredibly bored unless we had a nice big yard and give them lots of attention.

    I want a dumb and lazy dog, they're the real cuddlers!

  9. Holy cow. Are you really going to get a dog? a dog? as in a real life creature that you have to feed and house break and clean up gross dog hair and scrub gross dog *&%&^% out of your carpet and you have to train them to obey and the drool and the smell and the.....

    never mind. it's starting to sound like a kid, and I'm getting depressed.

  10. GET A PUPPY!!! The Fearnley's gave us one that there dog had and it's the best thing ever!!!! He licks my face to give me kisses and he snuggles and cuddles and takes naps with me whenever I want, but he's also very playful and cute! He doesn't shed and he was potty trained pretty quickly. He's a shorkie...shih tzu+yorkie. He is my love. If you ever came home to visit me I would let him kiss you.