Monday, April 5, 2010

Any Given Evening

Sloan: What are you doing?
Julia: Watching Youtube videos of baby otters.
ten minutes later
Sloan: What are you doing now?
Julia: Googling pictures of adorable babies.
fifteen minutes later
Sloan: What--
Julia: Reading Wikipedia articles about puppies.
Sloan: This is...out of hand.

A frightened and cripplingly fluffy bunnykin (with a banana?)

That famously fat babeh.

A cuddly and semi-smiling muskox??? Yes!
Keep on keepin on, little wobble-legged friend.

A decidedly unenthusiastic Easter bunnay.
Look. At. Those. EARS.


  1. i want them all!!
    the asian baby is the cutest.

  2. oh the fluffy bunnikin...I want to put it in my pocket.

  3. Hahaha. Hilarious....And SOOO cute! :)

  4. ....aaaaannnnddd....THIS DOG IS AWESOME!!!!!:

    from Drew Toothpaste.