Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I have been carefully scrutinizing my finances and have discovered a trend. I spend the majority of my money on the following:
Local handmade soaps which probably take 9 cents to make, but cost $18. GOTTA KEEP UP WITH THE JONSES AND THEIR FANCY SOAPS!

Indian food. Since I haven't successfully been able to make it myself (no surprise).

Owning and maintaining my very own Sloan Rehder can get pricey.

Plaaaaaates! Every time I see them at the thrift store for $1, I black out. When I wake up again, I'm at home sitting on the kitchen floor, caressing any one of my 3.5 dozen plates (yep that's forty [nope, that's not]).


  1. Okay I feel way better about charging 9.00 for felted soap at my store.

  2. Haha, hate to break it to ya Jules but 3.5 dozen is actually 42, but you were pretty close! ;) Yeah I know I'm a nerdy math ed major, I give you permission to make fun of me for my nerdiness in one of your future posts :D

  3. where are you finding these local handmade soaps? I didn't even know they had those in Utah Valley.

  4. Jim - Sundance. Land of the overpriced everything.

    Katherine - Shame.

    Stace - I'm...an idiot.

  5. Julia- the plates- you are your Nannie's granddaughter...Or at least that is what my mom says everytime I send her pictures of quilts that I want or lovingly carress 500 thread count sheets in linen stores. Oh, and just to prove that it is genetic: I bought a cake stand and four huge serving bowls at a yard sale last week for $2. I.could.not.pass.them.up. What can I say? Its the Nannie in me!