Sunday, April 11, 2010

Madam President

So, the bishop leveraged my love of babies and made me an offer I couldn't refuse: Primary President. Because we're in a young married ward, Primary actually equals Nursery. So, I get the sweet (and respect-commanding) title without really doing more than a nursery leader. And we all know nursery time is filled to the brim with adorableness because these babies really are still babies. AND THEM BABIEZ ARE THE BEST. Bam.

Some things I have learned from my first Sunday in nursery.

1. Don't drop the baby dolls. Things get traumatic, fast.
Shaylee: Will you put this dress on the baby?
Me: Of course. *Fiddles with the dress. Drops the baby.* Oopsie!
Shaylee: *Jaw dropped* You...dropped...THE BABAAAAAAAAY!!!
Me: Oh dear...

2. There will be moments during singing time when the prospect of shaking a maraca will be so exciting that a child will seize up with excitement (something like an excitement-seizure) holding their maraca with perfect stillness...and miss the entire song because they are too happy to actually participate.

3. Don't assume 2 year old boys don't have a good arm.
Me: *From three feet away...* Alright, Connor! Throw the ball to me!
Connor: *Rears back and hucks it right into my face.* Uh oh! You didn't catch!

4. ALWAYS HAVE FRUIT SNACKS OR THERE WILL BE A BABY REVOLT. I don't think I need an anecdote to explain this one. I have tried to push that memory out of my mind.

5. If there is something climable, it will be climbed (especially by the girls..?) because babies in nice Sunday clothes are nigh unto chimpanzees. Do not underestimate their speed and agility, my friends. Do not.

Oh man, I love those little guys. I suppose it has something to do with being on their level in more ways than one...height, attention span, and general intellect. But, alas, they are far beyond me when it comes to cuteness.


  1. hahahaha.... ok, you are way too humble, juju.
    pretty sure i'm closer to the cute chitlin's level than you. as far as height goes, you win. but intellect? sasha wins. the end.

  2. So Maggie likes to climb too. AND we learned that from none other than the nursery leader. It must be nursery-induced behavior to want to be queen of the doll-house because she doesn't really do that at home.

  3. Julia that was a funny post. It made me miss those good 'ol primary days when Rob and I were teachers. Now we just hang out with the teens, not as exciting as the kiddos trust me. :)

  4. nice. When we were nursery leaders it was not nearly as exciting...except for the 4 year old visitor that kept saying "That's not your baby." in reference to Avery.

  5. also watch out for little kids with gum. laura and I used to teach the sunbeams and for some reason the parents always gave them gum before class. it was usually in their hair, clothes, and the carpet before class ended.

  6. Yep. Already dealt with that. I never knew 2 year olds chewed gum. I am just...not hip.

  7. Hhhaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha!!



    haaa he he haa ha ha ha!!

  8. Hahahaha. That is SOOOOOOOO funny!!!! haha.
    I expect next week to be a bit smoother...haha.
    You're gonna be a pro girl!!! haha.

    SOO funny!!

  9. Perfect! I can't wait to hear more of your adventures in nursery.

  10. Laughing out loud at all the posts since the internet babies. You are funny.

    I didn't know they let people like you have callings in Utah.