Thursday, April 15, 2010


I've been moody this past week. I know. I would say sorry about all of the cynical Facebook statuses and general gruffness, but I'm not going to do that because I'M STILL MOODY.

They're going through a cycle of layoffs at Symantec; and while the destroying angel has seemingly passed over my door for now, a lot of people I knew got the axe. Everyone I work with has much more corporate (read: layoff) experience than I do, so none of them were even angry about it. I guess it helps that 90% of my coworkers have at one time or another worked in the valley for Novell, a soul-crushing, morale-pummeling business that is second only to Power Innovations when it comes to consistently treating their employees poorly.

I like Symantec. In fact, I love Symantec. The people are fabulous, and they are all incredibly talented. And, really, I get it: layoffs are unavoidable...especially within publicly-owned companies, where shareholders are calling for blood every 90 days. But I think it's imperative that someone tell the executives that the idea of layoffs IS HURTING JULIA'S FEELINGS. And now because of this, everything is hurting my feelings.

My car seems to be getting worse gas mileage. This hurts my feelings.

People don't know their homophones. This hurts my feelings.

I was kinda too warm and kinda too cold at various times of the day. This hurt my feelings.

The pear I brought to work today was mushy. Hurt. Feelings.

I just heard Sloan utter What the helll? under his breath while studying for his organic chemistry final. This actually lifted my spirits a bit (because tee hee! bad word!).


If there is one thing I will not complain about, it is the concept of outsourcing. I'm down with outsourcing, because ya know what? If someone (foreign or not) is willing to do the same job for significantly less than me, it's because THEY NEED THE MOOLAH. Odds are these jobs are going to people who don't have the disposable income to spend on idiotic modern Americana like Bumpits or iPhones. I only wish that the countries in which these people lived didn't have perilously low wages.

I'm not gonna pull a redneck and gluttonously demand to get as much money as I can when someone across the world with five kids who works 12 hours a day can live off a quarter of what I make...and be grateful for it. Because, folks, if I were to huff and puff about letting underprivileged people work closer to a better life because it meant that I couldn't buy a jet ski, that would make me a jerk/fiscal conservative/Jenna Mount.


  1. you seem to be sad lately. This hurts my feelings. Can we hang out this weekend?

  2. kelsy, i don't hang out with people who just got their eyes shaved by lasers for at least a year after the procedure. you know, the radiation.

  3. Johnathan Coultron wrote this song just for you:

  4. whoops, I mean, 'cause it's funny. feeling just fantastic. not 'cause you need to go raid the nearest pharmacy. that would just be silly.

  5. I think you need some baby time. If tomorrow at Church doesn't do it we'll come down and visit and I promise to tell Jocie to be more snuggly!

  6. I woke up this morning from a dream where I owned- I am not making this up- a bumpitz and an iphone.

    The bumpitz was kinda lame, but the iphone had an app that enabled me to fly. Like Superman. I won every single round of duck-duck-goose.

  7. So your one of those people huh? Go to church on sunday but don't live the values the other days of the week? Why ar you being so demeaning to people in your blog, i.e. Jenna. She's a child of god too and even if you don't like her you don't have to say demeaning things about her on a public blog. Its no wonder people don't like utah and mormons, because the chameleons of the church like you spread this crap online. Since you arent striving to be christ like i guess the notion of treating others with kindness and respect probably doesn't ring a bell. Well i'm dissapointed in you and hope that you can change your life for the better.

  8. figured i'd publish this above comment, thanks for keepin me honest!

  9. Yeah, I am going to have to agree with the above comment. We have people out there ending their lives because of “bullies” and harsh words said. I think we all need to be carful with what words come out of our mouths. Specially words we WRITE and post online.

  10. i do appreciate the candid, mature response that is this comment. Even if it's from the same ip address as the anonymous comment before, it actually makes more sense than the first one.