Monday, May 31, 2010

The Gentleman's Game

Sloan has been teaching me how to golf. He took me to the driving range a lot last summer, so this weekend, he took me to play nine holes at Cascade Golf Course down the street from our house. Cascade is one of the, er, cheaper courses in the valley, but I still think it's nice.

The back nine (golf lingo for the last nine holes) is up on the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains. It's pretty rugged, so they require a gas-powered golf cart rental to go up there. But to be honest, I felt like we needed a mule and a Sherpa to safely traverse those holes.

I didn't know much about golf until Sloan helped me out. And, really, I still don't know much. But here is what I do know:
  • You tee off with a driver. A driver is the most useful club with which to whack at the bushes when you lose your ball, because of its large surface area and length.
  • You hit from the fairway with an iron. Because of its heft, an iron is helpful with solidly pounding at the ground in frustration.
  • You putt on the green with a putter. It's useless for anything but overshooting the hole.
Also, remember to wear sunscreen and act classy in everything you do.


  1. Golf is a hobby devised to relieve well off people of the burden of excess money. Every other grass-owner finds it sufficient to tell people "yes, you can walk on my grass" or "no, you cannot walk on my grass." Only golf course owners see fit to say "for $50, yes you can walk on my grass today."

    Since I have children and a guitar addiction, I have no need for golf.

  2. Sloan and Robert should go sometime, Robert loves to golf. I have never officially golfed 9/18 holes. My dad was a golf Pro. Once this guy liked me and worked at a course and took me to the driving range...I got blisters. I would like to go sometime though. If we got a babysitter sometime, the four of us should go, and you and I can get a Primary-Presidents-girls-only-golf- cart. Did you know GOLF originally stood for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden?