Thursday, May 27, 2010

Geriatric Inner Mono/Dialogue

Julia's heart: I'm starting to feel old.
Julia's mind: Ah...
Julia's heart: I mean, I can remember when some of the people I know were babies. I'm old enough to remember when an adult was a baby!
Julia's mind: I see.
Julia's heart: I mean, until a couple of years ago, everyone I knew who was younger than me was still just a little kid. And when those little kids started driving, that was weird enough. But now they're in college...drinking, wearing scandalous clothes, and know...
Julia's mind: I'll bet most of them didn't wait until college to start doing that.
Julia's heart: defeated This makes my whole life feel weird and sad. Not to mention, I am feeling older myself. I like to do old people things. Like, I...have houseplants that I care if they die. And I beat out my rugs with a broom...before they're even that dirty.
Julia's mind: Maybe we're just an old soul.
Julia's heart: Even my body is aging. Like, when I pull something or hurt myself these days, it takes so much longer to get better than when I was in high school. Even now, sometimes my back gets sore for no reason.
Julia's mind: scoffs Okay, enough. How old ARE we? Twenty? [twenty-four thankyouVERYmuch you dumb brain] Things are gonna get a whole lot worse. We're going to have kids! And those kids of ours, OUR BABIES, are going to grow up! One might even get knocked up before she can drive! Then we'll be a grandma! AND ANOTHER THING, eventually we'll be living your life in a body that always feels sore. Not just in the mornings; all day! At some age, we'll feel like we've been hit by a bus every day for the rest of our life! And it wasn't because we did anything to deserve it, we lived a healthy and active life! It's just BECAUSE. Stop ignoring these facts!
Julia: pause I need a nap.


  1. wow I feel so alive!!!! my body is just full of nineteen year old energy! i want to run! i want to dance!!! I want to live!!!!!!

  2. I find myself saying I need a nap all the time. In fact,right now...

  3. One of my favorite posts. My mind and my body are the ones who argue.