Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mmmm, Waxy

I saw these on and I was drawn to them HEHE IT'S A PUN! They're edible crayons...if you couldn't guess.

I think it is a typical childhood tendency to want to eat crayons. They're so...colorful! And bite-sized! And they come in wrappers! Like candy!

I was a logical and deliberate-acting sort of child. I knew early on that eating crayons was a dumb thing to do, and the kind of kids who actually took bites out of crayons were also the ones who pooped their pants and tried to read books upside down. So of course, being the self-proclaimed precocious child I was, I never sank my teeth into a crayon, not even when I was alone.

Do I wonder what a crayon tastes like? Yes. Do I still want to eat them? No. Okay, yeah, maybe I do. Am I reconsidering posting this blogpost because it is feeling strangely like a therapy session? Yes. Will I take a step toward a more spontaneous living and just post it anyway? YES, BY GOD, I WILL.


  1. So are the edible ones supposed to taste good. I have to say I am intrigued. Or are they just non-toxic because that would be boring.

  2. Crayons taste great. And the best part is getting all the waxy flakes stuck between your teeth and then giving our creepy rainbow-grins.