Sunday, May 2, 2010


Sloan: Remember that time we went to Sushi Ya and the waitress messed up our order?
Julia: Hmm, no...
Sloan: She brought out, like, three completely different sushi rolls than what we had ordered.
Julia: That happened? When?
Sloan: Last summer some time. You don't remember?
Julia: Well, now that I think about it...
Sloan: And she said those were the rolls we had ordered? She was strangely insistent about it.
Julia: Oh yeah! It was weird!
Sloan: She even brought out the ticket she wrote on to show us.
Julia: Yeah! The audacity!! What a crazy night.
Sloan: dramatic pause You're insane. That never happened.
Julia: brow furrowed It...didn't?
Sloan: YOU HAVE THE WORST MEMORY. Why did you say you remembered that? You are crazy!
Julia: I don't know! You just kept going on with the story like I should've remembered!
Sloan: But you got INTO it! And this is not the first time!!
Julia: I was just trying to imagine how I might have felt! This is really embarrasing me!!


  1. Ha ha haaaaa haha

    I am totally going to try that on Richard.

  2. This post made me laugh out loud even though I'm completely by myself and I felt a little dumb...haha.

    You two crack me up.

  3. I read it and laughed. I read it to Mikyn and we both laughed. I read it Matt with Mikyn in the room and all three of us laughed. Then I paraphrased it to Mom and she laughed. Thanks for all the laughter.

  4. Since that memory is sooooo bad, maybe you did write the curse words in that book that you now deny writing. And Sarah, Richard has a memory