Friday, May 14, 2010

What? I'm Hip! I'm Down With the Jiggy!

My BFF for life, Kirie, teaches at a decidedly thuggish high school in Memphis. Okay, it might not be Dangerous Minds thuggish...nor Save the Last Dance thuggish. Definitely not Sister Act II thuggish, either. But still, I'll bet there have been some pretty major juvenile offenders in her classroom. Here is a dramatic reenactment.

Kirie: I was reading your blog post about the bad words in the horse book at school and laughed so hard that I had to read it out loud to the students.
Julia: excited at the prospect of inspiring moody high schoolers through my humor to value the art of writing and abandoning their gangster ways. Oh, yeah? Your students are pretty hardcore. Did they laugh? trying to sound nonchalant
Kirie: No. They were just confused that you would admit to something you didn't do. They were all like, "Why she do that?"
Julia: disheartened Oh, ha! Yeah. I was pretty dumb. Oh, man. Heh.

I was momentarily crushed that a gaggle of 15 year olds didn't appreciate my issues. Pathetic? Yes. Shallow? Yes. A moment in which I could learn the value of accepting myself as I am and to not value others' perceptions above my own? No, not really. THEY'RE RIGHT. It was dumb! And unnecessary! No need to twist this whole thing around to say that what I did when I was little ever made sense.

Now, I must only work harder to touch the hardened criminal hearts of the students at Germantown High. I will win you, my friends. I will make a freedom writer out of EACH of you with my unrelatable stories of adversity!


  1. You need to come back here to teach English. If for no other reason than to instruct them not to say -Why she do that?

  2. Julia, you are so funny. Your blog inspires Rob and I! We look forward to your posts all the time. Thanks for writing.

  3. K, are too YOUNG to NOT be hip goofus!

  4. AAAAAAHHHHH A whole blog entry on THIS blog about ME! I have arrived. I can die happy. I am whole.......and I agree with Chief that you need to come back here and teach English at my school with me! It would be so fun!

  5. Soooo ... Germantown is thuggish ... right.