Sunday, July 25, 2010


That's right, folks. Sloan and I have been awash in marital bliss for a year, now. Whenever we tell people how long we've been married, they cock their head sideways and say the same thing, "Only a year? You guys act like you've been married forever..." Well, THANKS guys! I'm taking that as a compliment. Otherwise, you'd all be on my hit list.
I surprised little man with an anniversary cake: 
"Hey, um, Julia?" you might be saying, "If I got an anniversary cake for my spouse, I would put a picture of both of us on it." Well, reader, that's because you're selfish.


  1. I'm pretty sure that some dirty inside joke was written on the bottom of the cake in icing. Those pieces are conveniently missing...

  2. ok, please tell me that this is an old cake for sloan's birthday way back when...!? haha... this is hysterical! this is why i adore you. seriously. brilliant idea. i should do this for our up coming anniversary.

  3. It's real! I did it!

    I should post an update, this cake is in the exact same place (kitchen table) /condition (1/8th eaten) that it was last week when I took this picture. I refuse to throw it away even though everyone said it tastes nasty.