Thursday, August 5, 2010

A HAIRY Situation - HEH IT'S A PUN!

The Scene: Lying in bed. Talking about someone...
Julia: No, she's a redhead. Like April O'Neil [from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles].
Sloan: *sits up* What? April O'Neil was not a redhead.
Julia: *sits up* That is the only memorable thing about her! That and all she wore was the stupid raincoat all of the time, even when it was sunny out.
Sloan: Okay. *holds pointer finger up* First of all,  it was not a raincoat, it was a sexy yellow jumpsuit. Second of all, she is a brunette.
Julia: *turns on lamp* Listen to me. April O'Neil is a redhead. Just like Shera is a blond. And Nancy Drew.
Sloan: Nancy Drew does not have blond hair, it's more like strawberry blond! And I noticed you didn't refute the jumpsuit comment. A point for me.
Julia: *recoils in disgust* Excuse me? You say strawberry blond like that actually exists! The only people who say they are strawberry blond are the same people who say their eyes "change colors." THEIR EYES DON'T CHANGE COLORS. No one is fooled by the term strawberry blond!
I believe the term you're looking for is red. Or blond.
Sloan: You sound like a crazy person. Who thinks things like this? That people with strawberry blond hair are somehow faking it?
Julia: Nancy Drew is better than that. She is not strawberry blond.
Sloan: *gets up and retrieves laptop* *types furiously*
Julia: YEAH look it up! I'm not afraid of being proven correct!
Sloan: Stop shouting.
Julia: This is gonna feel GREAT!
Sloan: Shut up.
Julia: Victory is nigh!
Sloan: *reading from Wikipedia* "Unlike the other versions of her character, the Mirage Comics version of April has dark brown/black hair (though early color reprints depicted her hair color as red/light brown). All future incarnations of April that came afterwards are redheads."
Julia: Yesssss, that one's mine, I'm counting it. NEXT.
Sloan: *reading from Wikipedia* "Nancy Drew's hair color was changed from blond to strawberry-blond, reddish-blond or titian by the end of the 1950's."
Julia: Son of a...
Sloan: *raises the roof*


  1. If I remember correctly, when we were kids Regen always said she had strawberry blond hair too :)

  2. Wait, wait, wait, was it a raincoat or a jumpsuit?

  3. My eyes change colors. Jason 1.

  4. hee hee I love my family. hee.