Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reach for the STARS!

Julia: So when I was at Ikea, I walked by this guy and some girl. And the guy is, like, staring at me.
Mikyn: Go Julia!
Julia: I know, right? He was cute, but I'm pretty sure he was like sixteen. Anyway, so I walk past them and then I hear someone come up behind me going "Can I ask you a question?" It's the girl with this guy. She asks me if I have ever thought about modeling or acting, and that she's a recruiter for a talent agency.
Mikyn: Aren't you way too short to model?
Julia: *looks at legs* Yes. Probably. *hangs head*
Sloan: Acting? Are there that many acting opportunities in Utah? This isn't LA., she probably wants your money.
Julia: *secretly embarrassed* I know, right? She was totally just trying to scam me. Dumb lady. *fidgets with blanket* I definitely didn't give her my number. She was so dumb.


  1. shut up. you are beautiful. in fact, most commercial models don't need to be that tall. i've never met anyone who is photogenic as you. so, puh-leeeease. you know how much i love your profile.

  2. You are definitely photogenic, I totally agree. And gorgeous!

  3. You definitely have the face and personality for both!