Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Selective Hearing

Julia: *standing next to the tv, holding pants* So...here is the problem I'm having.
Sloan: *eyes on the tv, playing a video game* Uh huh...
Julia: Your pants and undies. They were on the kitchen table. And you have two pairs of shorts and a shirt in the living room. Not to mention your underwear in the bathroom and the spare room.
Sloan: *eyes on the tv* *jerks controller* *grumbles*
Julia: This means that you have not only taken your clothes off in every room in the house in the past three days, but you left them there, and presumably walked away...kinda...naked?
Sloan: *squints at tv* Uh huh.
Julia: If you were a five year old, this would be a cry for attention.
Sloan: *frowns at tv*
Julia: Attention. Crying for it.
Sloan: *eyes on the tv* Uh huh.
Julia: Weeping. Screaming. Derobing.
Sloan: *eyes on the tv* Good idea.
Julia: Maybe I should take my clothes off right now. For the attention that I'm not getting.
Sloan: Uh huh.
Julia: ...
Sloan: *pauses game* Wait, what? Something important was just said, I think.


  1. OH MAN! Don't it for the attention Julia, then he'll associate video games with you taking off your clothes! Throw the video games out the window and have some kids already!

  2. Yes, yes, we all know. You don't have kids yet so you can just take off your clothes all over the house and be the newlyweds that you are wherever you may be at the moment. Just you wait.

  3. So funny! And I love what finally caught his attention.

  4. I'm pretty sure I've had that SAME conversation with Derek. How interesting.

  5. OMG Joe and I have totally had a conversation almost exactly the same! Bahaha guys while they are playing video games.... geez.

  6. OMG Joe and i have had a conversation that is almost exactly the same. Geez guys and their lack of attention while playing video games... And their need to take of clothes.