Friday, August 20, 2010

Sloan and the Mammoth: A Love Story

Julia: *deep breath* Ahhhhhhh, I like Canada.
Sloan: People talk funny. But I like it too.
Julia: *points* Ooh! A museum! The...*squints* Royal BC National Geographic Museum. Wanna go?
Sloan:Oh man, they'd BETTER have a woolly mammoth!!
Julia: A...woolly mammoth?
Sloan: IT'S CANADA. LAND OF THE MAMMOTHS. I love those things.
*An hour later, in the prehistoric exhibit*
Sloan: That steel mill was--*gasp* Wooooolly.
Julia: Baby! It's your woolly mammoth!
Sloan: I gotta take a picture. *fumbles with camera* *click*

Sloan: Oh man. Too dark....*click*

Sloan: Better. That thing is awesome. Take a picture of me with it. 
Julia: Really? Okay...*click*

Sloan: *looks at picture* No way. I can barely see the mammoth.
Julia: *sigh* *click*

Sloan: It doesn't look as big in the pictures...Maybe a video...


  1. who doesn't love a giant furry elephant?! They always make me think of Snufalufagus.

  2. I feel bad for you that you had to marry into our family

  3. I understand Kenley's comments now. I could barely concentrate on the wooly buger-bear because Sloan was SO loud.

  4. I had a stuffed wooly mammoth when I was a little girl. I agree with Sloan, they're awesome! But then, we are related :)