Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kids aren't Clutch

Every Sunday, I regale Sloan with my tales of the babies in nursery. For those of you who don't know what nursery is, it is a time when children aged 18 months to 3 years attempt to run and play while wearing Sunday clothes. It is also a time for being forcefully held in an uncomfortable chair while being shown pictures of Jesus. Other than the part about the Jesus pictures, it is two hours of high-octane energy.

When nursery is all over, at home with Sloan, I recount my day's experience with the babies; everything from new words to unusual bowel movements (theirs, not mine...I guess sometimes mine, too).

Typical Day at Nursery
Julia: Okay guys! We're going to sing "Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam!"
Baby #1: SUNBEAM!!
Baby #2: BEAM! BEAM! DA BEAM!!!!!
Baby #3: *runs in a circle* JESUS!
Baby #4: *climbs on table*
*piano music begins*
Julia: *pulls Baby #4 off table, straightens skirt* "Jesus wants me for a sunBEAM! To shine for him each day..."
Baby #1: *hopping* SUN! BEEEEEEEAM!!
Baby #2: BEAM! BEAM! *rolls on floor* BEAM!
Baby #3: *runs in a circle* JESUS! A SUNBEAM!
Baby #4: *standing on table* 
Julia: *pulls Baby #4 off table* " every way try to please HIM! At home, at school, at plaaaaaaay..."
Baby #2: *punches wall* JESUS BEAM!!!
Baby #3: YEEEEEEEEEEES! *head stand*
Baby #4: *on table, eating Play-Doh*
Julia: What the? Where'd you get that?

So this Sunday, when Sloan poked his head into the nursery room to tell me something, I emotionally-blackmailed him to stay with me and watch the kids.

Sloan: I don't really know what you're talking about. The kids seem pretty calm.
Julia: *scoffs* Just you wait. They're still waking up, but now it's singing time! They'll go bananas! Watch! *turns to kids* Okay guys! We're going to sing "Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam!"
Baby #1: *silence*
Baby #2: Beam...?
Baby #3: *sigh*
Baby #4: *closes eyes, nods* Amen.
*piano music begins*
Julia: *jumps up and down* "Jesus wants ME for a sunBEAM! To SHINE for HIM each day...!"
Baby #1: *whispers listlessly* Sunbeam...
Baby #2: *staring at feet*
Baby #3: *asleep*
Baby #4:*folds arms*
Julia: *looks nervously at Sloan* *clears throat* "...IN EVERY WAY TRY TO PLEASE HIM! AT HOME, AT SCHOOL, AT PLAAAAY..."
Baby #1: *lies down*
Baby #2: *takes off shoe* Beam, beam, beam.
Baby #3: *snoring*
Baby #4: *shakes head* Shhhhh!
*piano music dies down*
Sloan: Oh man, these kids are going cra--
Julia: DON'T talk to me.


  1. Aaahh, a day in the life of a nursery leader. its fun but by ten minutes past the time relief society should be over, your pretty wiped out. And man where DO they find the Play-Doh?!!

  2. So funny! Jocelyn is going to join those ranks next month and I can't even imagine!