Friday, September 17, 2010

Strenuous Activity

On Labor Day, Sloan and I went on a hike up to Battle Creeks falls in the foothills of Pleasant Grove.

The Scene: Our apartment. Sloan is watching tv while he waits for me.

Julia: *digging in the closet* ...and we need water and trail mix. Maybe a banana when things get tough.
Sloan: The hike should only take an hour, sweetie. It's not even really a hike.
Julia: ...the camera, sunscreen...
Sloan: It's more like a walk.
Julia:...first aid kit, emergency flare...
Sloan: I'm pretty sure it's paved the whole way.
Julia: ...ready! Let's go!
Sloan: *sigh* You're bringing a bed roll....And a mess kit.
Julia: Be prepared! You should know that. You're an eagle scout.
Sloan: This is being over-prepared.
Julia: WRONG. You can never be over-prepared. *shaking head* What would your scout master think?
Sloan: *dirty look* Let's go.

Later, during the hike.

Julia: *cough, wheeze* This is rougher than I thought it would be. *pulls out inhaler* How far have we gone?
Sloan: About fifty yards.
Julia:  *wipes hand across forehead* It's so hot out here. Hand me the water bottle.
*dumps water on head*
Sloan: Oh COME ON, that was our only water!
Julia:  Heat exhaustion is no joke, Sloan. We'll have to live off the river. *gestures toward the mountain stream*  Now, come on. We can do this.
Sloan: *follows behind Julia*

Julia: I *heavy breathing* can't make it up this steep of an incline. We'll have to rest when we get to the bridge.
Sloan: A family with six kids just passed us.
Julia: *plops down on bridge* WHEW! This has been exhilarating! 
Sloan: We're thirty minutes into a walk, Julia.
Julia: Here, take a picture of me! I'm making it through life's journeys! FEELIN ALIVE!

Sloan:...and there goes a seven year old. He's running.
Julia: *jumps up* Okay! Press forward!
Sloan: *walking, digging through the backpack* Where's all the trail mix?
Julia: I already ate it.
Sloan: All of it? That was like, two pounds of peanuts and m&m's.
Julia: Needed that energy boost! *gasp* THE WATERFALL! Go stand under it, I'll take a picture!
Sloan: *gets up to the waterfall, waves at the camera*shouting* DID YOU GET A GOOD ONE YET?
Sloan: *waving* DONE?
Sloan: *smiling, waving* TAKE THE DAMN PICTURE, JULIA.
Julia: I'M TRYING.
Sloan: *Drops hands and walks away*
Julia: *click*

Julia: *pulling out bed roll* How about a nap before we go back? *yawn*
Sloan: *takes bedroll out of Julia's hands* Nope. *continues walking*


  1. *rubbing hands together*
    You are definitely just the person Michelle and I want on our upcoming backpacking trip.

  2. love it. you make me laugh. and i miss y'all.