Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Know Yourself, Ya Dummie.

In preparation for an upcoming business conference, my boss made the team take the Myers-Briggs test. It's a personality assessment. Personally, I thought I knew myself pretty well through various astrological inner-explorations involving reading crystals, but I went ahead and took the assessment. Today I got my evaluation back. Sixteen pages of it. And what I thought would be a bunch of cool diagrams with little explanation turned into an intense introspective come-to-Jesus. 

Because I believe some people are cooler than others, and that coolness is something that can be quantified, I started keeping score while reading my assessment. Bad idea.

"You genuinely want people to interact and get to know each other." +1 (like Mother Theresa!!)

“You often seek to be the center of attention.” -1

"You show wit and humor when you talk with others."  +1 (like a comedian!! I love Ellen!)

“You may sometimes wonder whether you’ve talked too much or said inappropriate or perhaps embarrassing things.” -1 
“You like to critique and are surprised when others don’t accept critiques as justified and helpful.” -1 (like Lucille Bluthe)

"You need to know just how late you can start to actually meet the deadline." -1 (how can this be good in any way?)

"You make mental leaps and enjoy brainstorming." +1 (like a scientist! or Thomas Jefferson!!)

“You should limit your expressiveness to those who appreciate your style” -1 (calm down)

Be aware that people vary in their level of interest in what you have to say and thus be selective in whom you talk to.” -1 (you annoy people, so stop that)

"Realize that your style may upset others and try to pull back and be more accepting." -1

Coolness = -4

After this point, when I realized there was a steady downward slope to my score, I decided to, and not keep score. Surprisingly, this didn't really help: "You are Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving.  ENTP's tend to be quick, innovative, and interested in many things (like a lawyer! or a President of the United States!). Alert and outspoken, they may argue for fun on either side of a question (argumentative, no big surprise). They want to be asked to participate in activities, even if they’re not really interested in them (wow, needy). They are resourceful in solving new and challenging problems, but may neglect routine assignments (unreliable, like Doc from Back to the Future).  Because they see so many possibilities, ENTPs may have difficulty picking those with the greatest potential (ambivalent, like Charlie Brown). They dislike routine and find it hard to apply themselves to the sometimes necessary details involved in finishing projects (laaaazy). They become bored easily (obnoxious). They are most interested in logically analyzing ideas and theories (like some kind of genius!!). They can speak to all sides of an issue, and they may change sides if no one is championing the viewpoint of that side (kind of a jerk). The challenge of the discussion is more important to them than reaching agreement (finding joy in the small things, like a nice person)ENTPs are skillful at finding logical reasons for what they want (like a...terrible, rationalizer)."

This test is essentially telling me that my personality is...meh. Success!


  1. I award you 5 cool points for being an awesome sister! and 2 more just because you know me (and I'm awesome by the way).

  2. ENTPs are the best. I myself am not one, but I have decided that henceforth I will only date them (they are apparently the best match for my personality type [INTJ] and I concur!). Rock on with your bad self.