Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet the Rehders!

Because I did an in depth post regarding my family, I need to do it for my other family. I present:

Referencing the Moore post, it would be unfair of me to actually produce comely thumbnails of the Rehders, so after a lot of internet sleuthing, I unearthed some treasures! 

Ed: The patriarch. Complains consistently regarding temperature, lighting, and other drivers. The original manly man. Teddy bear at heart.
Pam: Unstoppable, stylish, and all other good things that could ever be associated with a person (she's my mother-in-law, guys, not touching the jokes with a ten foot pole).
Regen: Mini-mom. The only person I know with celebrity knowledge comparable to mine. Laughs nervously when she's proven wrong, like her mother.
Matt: Long-suffering, friendly, a master fisherman. Also known famously for contributing half of the DNA of two impossibly adorable girls.
Kenley: Bossy. Bananas. Has the voice of a chipmunk. Has a fragmented personality developing, due to being inundated with strange ideas by her grandmother. Says things like, "Santa called. He's not happy."
Brisen: Baby. Hard worker, grunter, master of loud farts. Prefers her pacifier to even the enticings of cuddling with her maternal Aunt Julia.
Darth: The original manly son. Dog-owner, daughter-lover, thing-builder. Can generally be heard yelling "JASPER!!" on a daily basis.
Missy: Darth's high school sweetheart. Adorable smile, long hair. Resident tender-heart. Can also be heard yelling "JASPER!!" on occasion.
Lily: Precious baby. When confused, annoyed, makes the same "Uh...can I help you?" face as her father. Will, in the future, start yelling "JASPER!!"
   Vance: Tall, lean, health-conscious. Tries to leave the house when I begin talking to him. In the words of Sloan, "He's not as nice as you think he is, Julia...*scary face*" Take that as you may.
Alison: Maternal, mild-mannered, tall. Makes cloth diapers and baby leggings. Has, quite possibly, never uttered a contentious word in her life.
Noa: Miniature Vance. Sweet, smiley, good-natured. Has the legs of a stallion and dances like a maniac. Precious.
Mikyn: The worst.


  1. I am glad you saved the wost of em for last. :)

  2. I resent this. and just so you know regen matt kenley and brisen are not rehders they are knoebels. thbbbbbbbbbbt!

  3. Reggie made the comment, "Sloan never seemed so funny until Julia started this blog." I'm sure he will appreciate this post too, just like me.

  4. love what Ed's done with his hair. Love you Juju

  5. Uhm, when have I ever been proven wrong? Never happened.