Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sloan's Surprise Party

I threw Sloan a surprise party. Here are the facts:
  • Planned and executed in two days *pats self on back*
  • Attended by many very cool people (also known as our friends)
  • Genuinely a surprise for Sloan (this, I consider, my greatest accomplishment)
  • Fiesta-themed (for no particular reason)
  • Nearly ruined by Russell's peeking out the window as Sloan walked up (but ultimately not ruined--Sloan assumed it was me because i'm a creeper)
  • Captured photographically by Holly, but I'M THE ONE who did all of the cool effects! By myself! In MS Paint!!!!!!
A small sampling of the revelers
My little man

My little KK
The aftermath
More aftermath


  1. Is it geeky (yes, most likely yes) that the thing I want most to know right now is...what video game is Sloan holding?


  2. Good job! Nothings better then a great surprise party. I love your apartment, its really cute.