Sunday, November 21, 2010


Sloan: *comes through front door* Hey baby. What have you been doing?
Julia: *sitting on living room floor* Oh, you know. The usual.
Sloan: Crafting?
Julia: *concentrating* Uh huh.
Sloan: Well show me what you've been making all day!
Julia: *jumps up* OKAY!!!! *runs to kitchen* WELL, while I was wrapping birthday presents for your family, I ran out of ribbon!!
Sloan: Oh no!
Julia: I know, right? Anyway, I came up with the idea to use some of the yarn I just bought!! See?
 Sloan: Ahhhh, very cute, sweetie. *starts to walk away*
Julia: HEY! WHERE YA GOING?? I thought that the yarn on Alison's gift was so cute, I took the ribbons off and did it to EVERYONE ELSE'S PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!
Sloan: Oh, mean you already had ribbons tied to those?
Julia: Yeah!!
Sloan: And you took all of them back off?
Julia: Yeah!!
Sloan: Just to tie yarn on them to look like ribbons?
Julia: *cheering* Yarn! Yarn! Yarn! *fist pump*
Sloan: *walks toward bathroom*
Julia: *holds firmly to Sloan's sleeve* Soooooo, after I wrapped the presents, I was all like, "Hey! I haven't made pom pons for a while!" And I love those things! So I decided just to follow my heart and make some without even knowing what I was going to do with them!!!
Sloan: That's gre-
Julia: *cheering* Pom Pons! Pom Pons!!
Sloan: Swee-
Julia: POM! *toe touch*
Sloan: Just list-
Julia: PON! *karate kick*
Sloan: I GET IT! *heavy breathing* Sweetheart, do you remember that time you figured out you could put glitter on almost any dry surface?
Julia: GLITTAH! I love that stuff!!!! *cheering* GLI-TER! GLI-TER!
Sloan: BUT remember how things got a little out of hand after you bought that spray adhesive and the Martha Stewart Deluxe Glitter Dust Mulitpack?
Julia: *hangs head* No....
Sloan: *serious face*
Julia: *sheepish* Yeeeeah...
Sloan: Yeah? Remember how we had to hire professionals to come in to clean the glitter out of the carpet? In all of the rooms of thouse?
Julia: *nods*
Sloan: Well, I'm afraid you may get a little involved with your yarn crafts, like with the glitter. Julia, When was the last time you bathed?
Julia: *shifts eyes sideways* HEY! LOOK WHAT I MADE FOR BABY LILY'S BIRTHDAY!

Sloan: *sigh* A yarn bouquet. Very cute...I thought you were gonna use that glass vase you bought?
Julia: I did, dummy! I wrapped it! IN YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARN! *cheering* CRAFT-ING! CRAFT-ING!

Sloan: *runs bathtub*


  1. Sometimes I really wondered if Sloan knew what awaited him being married to the funniest niece I know!
    Aunt Barbara

  2. haha this is soo funny!!
    the yarn ribbon is soo cute! I'm gonna try it!

  3. YARN YARN YARN! Oh all the things you can do with yarn...thanks for finding another use for it, love stealing peoples creative ideas. Yay for crafts...and husbands who think we are crazy!!!

  4. Thanks for making my day yet again :) Well, at least my last couple minutes. I love the yarn ribbon.

  5. Julia, you are pretty much the funniest person I know! lol. I bet there is never a dull moment in your house! By the way, the yarn vase and bouquet is adorable!!!